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DDoS = losses for business

Minimizing downtime

In mitigating the effects of DDoS attacks, the principle is as follows: it takes a moment to disable services and many hours to recover them. This is why every second counts in preventing DDoS attacks.

Imperva ensures business continuity with guaranteed uptime and without impact on performance.


is the approximate percentage of organizations that experienced downtime due to DDoS attacks.

Avoiding transmission costs

Imperva ensures that traffic from attacks will be automatically blocked at the edge of the network. It will not be necessary to ensure business continuity by costly increasing the throughput.

Unlimited protection against various types of attacks of any size and duration.

1 hour

of downtime results in incurring financial losses (several hundred thousand zlotys for some companies) and threatens the reputation of the company.

DDoS protection that really works!

  • Maximum visibility
  • Optimized performance
  • Supported platforms
  • Instant attack notification
    E-mail, SMS and mobile application
  • Easy monitoring
    Network and application traffic analytics
  • Discovering real threats
    Correlation of layer 3/4 and 7 events using Attack Analytics
  • Integration with SIEM system:
    seamless integration with leading SIEM systems
  • Fast deployment and scaling
    Automatic adjustment via SDN
  • Best traffic routing
    Advanced Anycast support at the edge of the network
  • Real-time throughput management
    Load conditions, details on Internet channels with regard to every point of presence
  • Minimal latency on 95% of the globe
    Global mesh network
Public Cloud


Insight & SIEMs

Proper defense against any DDoS attack

Website protection

Continuous protection automatically detects and mitigates application layer attacks that target websites, APIs and web applications.

Protection of websites against DDoS attacks

Network protection

The solution protects the entire network or subnet infrastructure — in continuous or on-demand mode — against DDoS attacks in the network layer.

Protection of network against DDoS attacks

Protection of individual IP addresses

Constant protection against attacks targeting websites or services hosted on individual IP addresses — locally or in a public or private cloud.

Protection of individual IP addresses against DDoS attacks

DNS protection

The solution provides constant protection of Domain Name Servers (DNS) against attacks on network and application layers and reduces the DNS response time.

Protection of Domain Name Servers against DDoS attacks

Mitigating the effects of DDoS:

Imperva is a mediator in transferring all inbound traffic to block DDoS attacks before they reach the source servers.

  • Routing application traffic through scrubbing centers
  • Routing network traffic using BGP routing message
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DDoS Protection mitigates these attacks and much more

Attacks on layer 3/4:

  • UDP flood
  • NTP amplification
  • DNS amplification
  • Tsunami SYN flood
  • CharGEN amplification
  • Memcache amplification
  • SSDP amplification
  • SNMP amplification
  • GRE-IP UDP flood
  • Ataki CLDAP
  • ARMS (ARD)
  • Jenkins
  • DNS Water Torture
  • SYN flood
  • TCP RST flood, SSL negotiation flood
  • TCP connect() flood
  • Ataki fragmentaryczne
  • TCP ACK flood
  • CoAP
  • WS-DD
  • NetBIOS

Attacks on layer 7:

  • DNS Query flood
  • Atak SlowLoris
  • HTTP(S) GET request flood
  • HTTP(S) POST request flood
  • SMTP request flood

How DDoS Protection works

Imperva provides full protection at the edge of the network against even the largest and most complex DDoS attacks possible.

Our attack mitigation methods ensure that your company and its website visitors will never suffer from an attack.

Thanks to a multi-layered approach to DDoS mitigation, we secure all resources, no matter if they are located at the company’s premises or in the cloud, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Public Cloud.

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